Our Database of Companies
Dear economic operators, You have always wondered what is the purpose of registering companies in the Consular File of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Crafts of Cameroon (CCIMA). A few minutes of your precious time will allow us to provide you with answers. The CCIMA Consular File is a statistical directory (identification, company name, addresses, names of managers, etc.) of companies in the national territory.
At least two reasons justify its development and daily updating:
  •  the growing role of information in economic choices and decisions;
  • the rapidly perishable nature of commercial information, and in particular that concerning companies (names of managers, contact, balance sheet). The information available on companies, when processed with method and speed, makes the consular file a real information system for economic operators.
It allows you to:
  •     appreciate your economic and commercial environment (business partners, competitors, suppliers, market share, etc.);
  •     to be continuously informed about business and partnership opportunities emanating from your foreign counterparts;
  •     to be informed of the holding of major business meetings (missions of foreign operators, various forums);
  •     to be informed of the organization of awareness or dissemination seminars on economic, fiscal or commercial matters;
  •     to contribute to the development of a fundamental tool for commercial promotion: the directory of companies, the electronic version of which will be a major factor in promoting Cameroonian companies on a global scale.
Seen from this angle, we agree, dear economic operators, that the consular file is everyone's business. If you have made the choice for:
  •     a better understanding of the business environment;
  •      wider dissemination of business information such as business and partnership opportunities, business meetings.
Please register your company in the CCIMA Consular File.

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