Cameroon Profile

Some figures: 

 Area: 475,442 km²

  Population (1999)/: About 15,500,000

 Annual Population Growth rate: 2.6%/  

 Population in urban areas: 47.2%

 Literacy rate: 60.8%    

Life expectancy at birth: 56.7%    

Growth rate in 2002/2003: 6.0    

Nominal GDP in 2002/2003 (in billions of FCFA): 7.178   

 Non-oil GDP in 2002/2003 (in billions of FCFA): 6.592    

 Average inflation rate in 2002/2003: 2.0%    


Cameroon has an extraordinary diversity of physical features. This diversity owes its existence to the country’s relief, which presents a unique characteristic. Plains make up two localised settings, one in the northern tip of the country on the shores of Lake Chad, and the other at the extreme south-west on the shores of the ocean. An arch of highlands made up of mountains and plateaus takes over from the coastal plains and extends north-eastwards, overlooking in its recess the vast southern Cameroonian plateaus. Four relief features can be distinguished in Cameroon:  

·   the plains and mountains of the north 

·   the highlands of the centre and the west

·   the plateaus of the south of Cameroon

·   the coastal plains.


Humid tropical in the South and dry in the North, with a mean of 25oC in the South and 32oC in the North. In the mountainous zones of the West, the temperature varies according to altitude and becomes cooler.  

Administrative capital: Yaounde 

Economic capital: Douala 

Other big towns: Nkongsamba, Maroua, Garoua, Bafoussam, Bamenda.


English and French (Official languages)

240 local languages spoken by 240 enthnic groups.


 Secular state with Islam and Christianity as main religions. It should be noted that a good margin of the population remains animistic. 

Religious holidays: Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, Assumption, Christmas, End of Ramadan, Feast of the Ram

Official holidays:  New Year’s Day, Youth Day (11th February), Labour Day (1st May), National Day (20th May) 

Working hours:  Mondays to Fridays: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm

Currency: CFA Franc.

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