CCIMC’s President and Tunisian Ambassador discuss Trade Ties

Publié initialement le 09 Nov. 2021


CCIMC’s President and Tunisian Ambassador discuss Trade Ties

The President of the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, Hon. Christophe Eken this Tuesday 9th November 2021, received in audience, the Tunisian Ambassador to Cameroon, His Excellency Karin Ben Becher. The Ambassador came to express his satisfaction at the participation of the CCIMC led delegation to the 2021 edition of the Mediterranean Building Exhibition (MEDIBAT) in Tunisia and possibilities of extending already existing trade ties between Cameroon and Tunisia. Both men agreed that business encounters such as the Africa Building Trade Fair (AFRIBAT) whose second edition comes up in 2022 in Yaounde, will boost trade between both countries. The President of the CCIMC was accompanied to the audience by the Secretary General and some close collaborators.
Tunisia has been making efforts in recent years to build trade and investment relations with sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).Tunisia has for years maintained trade ties with Cameroon but commercial links between the two states remain limited. Tunisian exports to Cameroon in 2018 totaled only US$24m, with cement, plaster and margarine accounting for about half of the total. Cameroon's exports to Tunisia in 2018, including oil, cocoa, coffee and timber, were worth only US$1m. There is hope that the trade balance would be encouraging on both sides as new avenues for trade open in the not too distant future.

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